Monday, April 28, 2014

Bringing It All Back Home

In the last few days I reopened my Etsy Shop, essentially to sell my collection of mostly-Chinese turquoise cabochons and Bali sterling silver beads.  I've been hoarding these goodies since I actively made jewelry, and I haven't done that in about a dozen years.  Time to let stuff go.  Although I listed a few items yesterday, it will likely take me a couple weeks to get everything posted there.

Yesterday I also bade farewell on my personal blog ~ which most of you haven't even known about ~ and suggested my readers there might want to subscribe to this blog instead.  I've been touching on more personal issues here recently, and my former need to bitch and moan about a lot of things in my life has softened to rants against a system I no longer feel a part of anyway, for all intents and purposes.  I began that blog at the same time I started this one, six years ago, but the last couple years have seen maybe two posts a year there.  Time to let that go, too.

And I recently stopped posting photos to Sky Journal, another blog, also started several years ago, showcasing my own photographic images.  Originally I photographed a variety of subjects but eventually settled on sky photos.  Far as I could tell, only one or two people would ever go there anyway.  So I'll probably post the occasional knock-out sky photo right here. 

In other words, I'm bringing it all back home, all those disparate parts of myself.  It wasn't my intention to segment myself thus, it was just that I really liked creating blogs ~ working with the templates, designing all aspects of the thing, etc.  Blog development itself as a creative endeavor.

Speaking of rants, I just read a terrific article in the May 2013 Shambhala Sun, called "Living in the Age of Distraction," by Margaret Wheatley.  Isn't it interesting that frequently when we've made a personal discovery or had an important realization, that an article or a book or a video will come to our attention that perfectly proves the point or underscores our decision.  Such is this article.  If you've been following my "unplug" drift with interest, don't miss it.


Charlton Stitcher said...

I will investigate. I so approve of what you are doing with all your new focusing. Although I really enjoy my blogging, I equally know how easy it is to spend all my time at it. There is something strangely addictive about it all.
Funnily enough, I'm coming to the conclusion that I also have too many different group affiliations in my life, none of which quite meet my needs. There could be changes here too.
I covet all that wonderful turquoise and silver - beautiful - but that would be to diversify still further ... not good for me either!

Unknown said...

I, too, used to have blogs for different subjects and then merged them all back together. It felt much better. Especially when things crossed over and I had to work out which to post them to.

With regards to the "things coming to attention that fit" - it's a lovely part of the Observational Selection Bias - more at

Anonymous said...

Sounds like simplification is the order of the day. I have kept my facebook for now, but don't look at much at all on weekends, that's a huge way to get over distraction for me. Lovely bead collection. xox

jacki long said...

A lovely blog Connie, and I sense you feeling lighter as you go. I am going that direction, just a slower version. I love seeing your work and respect your "eye", so thank you for your kind comments.
Thanks also for the recent "way cool" postcard last week, I will send one soon, but please don't feel like we have to be even, as I just like to move 'em out! Thanks again for your friendship.

john said...

Beautiful beads. But most importantly, you seem to be taking care of Connie in different and new ways. Go girl!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I didn't realize you had a Sky Blog! Last year I took a photo of the sky for the entire year (and it was a leap year at that). When I go back and look at the collection of over 300 photos on Flickr, I can hardly believe that I took those myself. It is a real treasure for me.
I am happy that you are happy consolidating yourself into one space. Simple is as simple does.
Have a glorious day!!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

You are an inspiration! Simpler is better in my book! I sent your shop link to a friend of mine who uses cabochons in her jewelry... hopefully she will get a chance to see yours - they are lovely!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I truly understand your words here today!

Irene said...

I am in the same process of simplifying my life and I have to say that it is doing me a world of good. I feel less scattered and more solidly me. I stopped caring about what anybody thought of me or feeling the need to have them accept my opinions. I am what I am, to quote the great Popeye.

I love those green turquoise stones, because I am after all "The Green Stone Women." I would buy them in a minute if I could afford them. I hope they find a good home. The treasures you have!

Maggi said...

Seems like you are becoming comfortable with yourself, enough to recognise the need to identify with one place. It also makes it easier to follow you!

Thanks for that link, I've bookmarked it to read this evening.

Unknown said...

Just catching up with you Connie, love this post makes so much sense xx