Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hai Karate

Today's featured artist is Jacki Long.  I met Jacki via Facebook not long ago, and we've been trading mail art since.

No one wields a glue stick with as much flourish as Jacki.  What she does with cool papers and junk mail continues to astound me.  Always different, always beautiful, always thought-provoking.

Jacki teaches journaling and collage in sunny Southern California.  Some of her gorgeous photos of the SoCal coast almost make me want to live down there again.  Jacki is also a long-time student of martial arts.

Check out her great work!


Jacki Long said...

What a surprise!
Thank you Connie, you are so generous and kind!
I'm not a karate master, just a struggling student. ;op

Seth said...

Jacki and her work are wonderful. Happy to find her on the site today!

Meg Fowler said...

Thanks for introducing us to Jacki. I've admired her torn paper thumbnail photo appearing with her comments for a while now. Really wonderful!

Paula Coleman said...

She's a Karate master... And beautiful inside and out!!