Monday, March 10, 2014

Collage Cull

Sample purple group, 11 x 14" collages
My collage practice/operation has changed a lot over the years since I began it in 2008.  I've had an entire shelf devoted to sketchbooks filled with collaged pages, in both 11" x 14" and 8-1/2" x 11" sizes.  The older collages have been on the block in the back of mind as things to be gone through and culled.  I did just that this weekend.

Sample pastels group, 11 x 14" collages
Every one of these collages has been digitized ~ I did that month by month as I created them and posted them on their own blog for the first three years.  But I have decided to let go of about half of my collection. Those would be the original magazine photos collaged onto 60# drawing paper sketchbook pages using rubber cement.  A few have had paint applied over the photos.  Some include handmade paper bits. 

Before I post them for sale on my Sales Blog, I'd like to get a reading of potential interest from you guys.

I've bundled the collages in packets of 10 pages each, in 8 rough color groupings, to sell for $20 plus shipping.  That's ten 11" x 14" collages per packet.  Additionally I have 5 packets of 8-1/2" x 11" collages in a Misc. Color group.  The smaller packets will sell for $15 for ten collages, plus shipping.  International shipping is rather pricey, however, that option will be available for those who want it.

So, what can you do with these collages?
  • cut them up and use them in your own collage work
  • cut them up into smaller bits and use as starts for ATCs, postcards, etc.
  • fold and bind them into your own handmade books
  • use them for art journal background starts and apply other media on top of them
  • cut or tear in half and make mail art envelopes out of them
  • cut, fold and make note cards out of them
  • or whatever else you can think of...
  • but with this caveat ~ the collages are not copyrighted because they rely heavily on others' photographs.  Use them in your own work or possibly use parts of them in individual works to sell.  But please do not turn around and put these out as your own work, unless you intend to deal with the copyright issues involved.

You're likely asking yourself why I don't do those things with them.  Well, I still have more collages left than I am letting go of, more than I can use in my lifetime.  So I want to get some of these out into the world and let other artists have at them.  And I don't want to go through all the bother of trying to sell digital image collage sheets, even though I've already got digital images (although I might revisit that idea for some of the collages I'm keeping.)  And I really do want to move some physical stuff out of my studio.

So...  Please leave a comment on this post and let me know if you would be interested in having the opportunity to buy some of these original collages.  Indicating your interest IS NOT a commitment to buy.  You're just helping me decide whether to go ahead with listing them for sale, creating PayPal buttons, etc.  Thanks so much!


Jacki Long said...

First of all, I just took time to view your Surface design Portfolio, and it is stunning! Wow!

Second, I would think there would be a market for your "cullings" as you have such a wonderful eye and have done the all work for people at a very good price.

Third, as for me, like you, I have more than I will ever be able to use. But I so admire you for getting it out there! I would love to sell some of mine but I can't even figure out etsy! ;op Oh well ...

john said...

Hmm! A bunch of ideas came to mind when I read your list. I have always been a keeper and probably I would make a pocket journal to keep them in as they are a history of your progress and it is always nice to return to see where your roots are.

Then I thought you could use them to add to and send them through the mail as wonder mail art.

Finally I thought perhaps cleaning house is a way to go and then make money.

Good luck on your decision.

Dotti said...

Go for it...recycle them to the sales bin...after all they are fully if you personally need a re-run you have it. Meanwhile, they will be shared!

Maggi said...

These are gorgeous and if I did the kind of work that would utilise them I would certainly buy. I say go ahead and get them out there for sale.