Saturday, January 18, 2014

Old Books, part 2

Today's old book installment features collected children's books.  Generally these are easier to come by than the vintage gardening books I covet.

These three are from the late 1940s-early 1950s.  Think Dick and Jane.  I found these at various local thrift shops.
This one is from 1936.  The subtitle is "Literary Selections, Seventh Year," meaning the stories were collected with 7th grade students in mind.  This also came from a thrift store.
Frank, The Young Naturalist is part of the author's gun-boat series; copyright 1892.  I got this at the Fortuna Library's semi-annual sale last year.
Luck and Pluck is another textbook from the California State Series, from 1954.  Thrift-store find.
Another California State Series book from 1940.  This one has mostly word problems, and wonderful illustrations.  Also from the thrift store.
You might remember seeing this last summer when I posted it right after finding it for 50 cents at the Fortuna community yard sale.  This one is from 1926.  Other than the outer spine being missing, it's in rather good condition for its age.
Every single page in the book has an illustrated border.
These I picked up just recently at the Humboldt Flea Market.  They are 1953 editions of this series that was originally published in 1920.  One of you dear readers has a complete set of these, minus one book.  Lucky you!

Next week ~ odds and assortment of cool old books that don't fit into any one category.


Charlton Stitcher said...

This is a very different selection from one we would make in the UK - but nonetheless fascinating. British children in the 1950s were more into Enid Blyton for easy reading or books from earlier times like The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson-Burnett or Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. I learnt to read with the Janet and John books, which I believe were an Anglicised version of the Alice and Jerry books published in the US. Funny how the titles may be different but the presentation of the books you show brought back so many memories. Thank you for this chance to reminisce!

ileneharris said...


Fine collection!

john said...

Great finds! I know they will become spectacular altered books if that is what you decide to do with them. Just as they are they are treasures.

Leslie said...

Love all the covers. Most books now are just plain. If the background design on Luck and Pluck is raised (or depressed), it might make a great rubbing.

Jeannie said...

I love old children's books. The illustrations have such wonderful design ideas, to say nothing of the memories of reading the stories for the first time. I slept through your desire for old gardening books. We need to talk. :) I see them in our Friends of the Library store frequently and they are usually $1-2. I am in love with you color/line exercises below. Wow!!! Keep playing and having fun.

Unknown said...

Aren't the illustrations perfect? Thanks for sharing your cool collection, Connie. The forties/fifties vintage covers have memories for me. And the older ones are such a trip back up into my Grandmother's upstairs bedrooms where her childhood books lived.
happy week, love, sus

Jeanne Aird said...

What wonderful treasures. The Pinocchio is to die for, especially with those incredible borders! You are a lucky girl. I remember having some beautiful children's books as a child that had been my grandmothers. I spent many an hour just drooling over those pages. Wish I had those books now. Looking forward to see what you do with them.