Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Magenta & Scarlet

Here's my first of seven journal spreads for Tammy's December Rainbow Escape project.  The rules are that you need to use one of seven listed colorways just once, and each spread has one of seven techniques on it, used only once.  My magenta & scarlet spread includes a brainstorm (or mind map), one of the techniques on the list.

Because I'm often at a loss for what to do on journal pages or how to build them, I brainstormed different approaches.  The plan is that I'll refer back to this list whenever I'm coming up short on ideas.

The spread is 7-1/2 x 15 inches, as will be all the spreads in this series.


Leslie said...

Gorgeous colors. Not a combo I would have come up with on my own (which is why challenges and prompts are so cool) but it makes a marvelous spread. It's so interesting the things you find in a given color once you start looking. Very nice!

jacki long said...

Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!! ♥
in every way!

Cheryl Gee said...

Hi Connie Rose: Love your rainbow escape scarlet and magenta journal pages!! You inspire me!

john said...

You are so successful at adding text.