Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Venice on the Rocks

This spread is another of the art journal page spreads from the book below.  To refresh the collective memory, I gelliprinted all the pages a month or so ago.  And after printing I decided to collage on about half of the spreads...because I like the other printed pages enough to leave them as is.  I'll post the print-only spreads again in the next several days.
Primarily this was an experiment in printing pages after binding the book, without taking it apart to do so.


juliaD said...

Thanks for sharing this, I really prefer to make my oages loose, but am also trying out a few made up versions. And like you am faced with the blank pages, and decided to paint the backgrounds first.
Great fun isn't it!

Leslie said...

I, too, gelli printed into an already-bound journal. It worked fine and now I have all sorts of cool backgrounds to journal on. I like the Venice spread a lot.

Jeannie said...

Nice! I found my gelli plate! Now to find some time. LOL! I really love what you are creating in your class. Your post yesterday made me want to go find fabric that looked like your page. :)