Friday, November 1, 2013

Journal's End

This is the last image from my just-completed art journal, Little Gems Too.  The completed book is just below.  This was my second art journal filled with Gelli offprint pages (60# drawing paper) that I then collaged on.  You might have noticed, or maybe not, that the last few pages/spreads became a lot simpler than what I was doing previously.  Rather than feeling as though I need to fill up the entire page with elements, whether originally printed or added later, I'm more interested now in using fewer images in more perhaps-ambiguous juxtaposition.

And these are the latest Button Booklets, listed this week in my Online Shop ~ I'd neglected to post a photo yesterday.  They're $10 each plus $3 each for worldwide shipping.


john said...

I love your energy and willingness to try new techniques and art supplies and ways of doing what you do so well.

Maggi said...

Interesting to see how your journals are evolving as your art work is too.

iHanna said...

Love it when a journal is full of yummy painted pages, what a cool photo that is! And a very cool journal page too. :-)