Monday, November 25, 2013

Behind the Scenes

The first image is one of the atmospheric backgrounds I worked on last week.  I liked is so much just the way it is that I decided not to build a composition over it.  Rather, to save it for reference.  I might do a few more similar pieces to build my comfort level with this set of techniques.

These two are monoprints, pulled from the initial layers of backgrounds I did last week.  One of the techniques we learned is to brush paint onto a substrate, then lift some of it off with drawing paper.  The image just above is one sheet of paper that I used multiple times to lift paint off substrates.
So, now I have more backgrounds for collage or other work.


Charlton Stitcher said...

What a lovely idea - using drawing paper partially to lift off paint. It seems to give a great muted effect on both the main piece and on the drawing paper. I will try it soon! Many thanks for sharing.

pru barry said...

I like the way the bottom fourth of the first one (Yeah, that one :>)) does in fact recede even though it's red and orange. When colors don't completely follow the rules, it always intrigues me, and makes me smile. Thanks!

Irene said...

What interesting techniques you use. I am sure that by now you are a cornucopia of information on the artistic methods one can use for just about anything. I envy you the knowledge, but I know you spent a lifetime gathering it. I think you make a great painter.

john said...

Total success all around!