Friday, October 25, 2013

Path to Happiness

I took the last couple days off from most artmaking.  Spent the time instead reading, resting and doing little things if anything at all.  Planning to get back to things today, Lesson 2 of Jane Davies' Dynamic Comp class for one.

Plus the weather has been dreary ~ I haven't even been outside except to get the mail. 

Despite insisting yesterday that I wasn't sick or coming down with something, today I feel as though I might be.  We'll see as the day unfolds.

Meaning, I may or may not get back to creative things after all, at least not for another few days.  So be it. 


Maggi said...

I do hope that it's just a combination of the dreary weather and perhaps tiredness and that you are not coming down with anything.

Alice said...

Have a good rest. Always good to take a break. You never know what will turn up. Up from all that stuff that's roiling around beneath the surface. Surprise!

john said...

Right away I notice how the skin color compliments the background as does the sweater with the numerals. Great composition!

Peggy Lynn said...

I know people poo-poo this, but whenever I feel that "maybe I'm coming down with something" feeling I make up a small glass of water and drop an Airborne tablet in..drink it right down. Get a good night's sleep and the "something" never materializes!