Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Discover the Unexpected

Well, getting sick was certainly unexpected ~ although it often happens for me this time of year.  Anywho, it's a week later now and I'm just beginning to think I can make some art again.

These posts will transition late this week into a few collages from my recent Blue Book.  I'm still thinking about what comes after that, art journal-wise.

I am anxious to get back to work in the Dynamic Comp class, especially now that I'm about a week behind.  But that's something else I love about online classes ~ the material is available forever, or nearly so, to work on at one's own pace.

And while we're on that subject, I just can't say enough good things about online classes.  They're a terrific value, I've always gotten more than my money's worth, there are no traveling/retreat expenses, the instruction is available for as long as you want/need it, you work at your own pace, and you work at it whenever you want to.  Perfect scenario in my book.


Paper Chipmunk (aka Ellen) said...

Damn germs. Glad to hear you're feeling better.

The collage makes me smile. I like the coupling of "the unexpected" with... Saskatchewan? Along with the fish that looks a bit shocked? Surprised? It's delightful. (I have some Canadian connections and have been across the prairie provinces...what can I say.)

Irene said...

I think every on line class you've done, has proven to be more than its money's worth, because you always seem to grow in leaps and bounds. Of course, there definitely is your natural talent at base and this collage is the proof of it. xox

Leslie said...

Great collage. Such disparate elements always make for a fun look.

I love online classes also and always have a few going on, but I also really enjoy the energy of being in the same room with a bunch of art making women.

Maggi said...

Glad that you are starting to feel better now.

I so agree with you about online class, plus the fact that when you go to live classes you never really know what to take so end up with far too much. I also think that they only really succeed if you commit to them, which you obviously do.

tiedyejudy said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better! And I laughed at Saskatchewan... I won the 5th grade spelling bee because I could spell it. We had been studying Canada and had to learn how to spell the names of the provinces. Funny, I have tried both on-line and in person classes... seem to do better when I can buy a book or video to follow, but I got the most when I took the 5-day class from Melly Testa 6 years ago. Great that there are so many different ways to learn these days!

john said...

I totally agree with you about online classes. I have yet to take one that I did not learn a great deal. Sorry you were ill. Love the fish!

jackie said...

Thanks for your comment. I really enjoyed the class, a treat to spend a few days on it,and always there to go back to. Keep up the great work!