Thursday, August 8, 2013

This Just In...

I was just made aware of the fact that Bloglovin' allows you to receive email notifications for the blogs you follow.  So once you open an account with them, you do not have to go to Bloglovin' to read blogs -- they'll be delivered right to your inbox if you choose.

Once you set up your account, go to settings/notifications, and make your selection there.  If you choose "no emails," then you can read everything online, as I do.

And a follow up to that last bit I wrote this morning about Blogtrottr ~ I've been waiting ALL DAY for my account to be approved as well as to confirm that I have subscribed to my own blog via their service.  Their support people emailed to let me know it would be as long as 5 days until they can look into the matter.  Bottom line:  not a service I'll recommend.

So -- to recap:  You can set up a Bloglovin' account to either read blogs online at Bloglovin' or elect to receive blogs by email.  OR you can contact me if you want to be on my in-house email list.  Whatever works for you, it's all good for me.

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