Friday, August 16, 2013

Sweet Truth

First it was problems with Google affiliated programs.  This week it was Microsoft tanking, Windows Live Mail specifically.  After two days of no email client service, I just this morning got myself setup at Thunderbird, which is a Mozilla/Firefox email client program.  It took me just an hour to set up my new account, create folders for saved email messages and groups in my contact list, import my contacts from Windows Live Mail, copy and paste old messages, and flesh out my contact groups.  I'm good to go.

For those who don't know, an email client is a program that sits on your computer and acts as an interface between your computer/your hard drive and a server like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.  If your email address ends with a "" or "" or "" and likely others, then you do NOT have an email client.  The client is installed on your computer, not on the server itself.

I highly recommend using an email client...the most notable reason is that without an interface, all your contacts and all your sent and received messages live on the server.  This is how emails get hacked.  Hackers log into a server and lift all your data off, yours and numerous other people.  Your data is simply not secure on a server.

All my contacts are on my hard drive ONLY -- as well as sent messages, etc.  Hackers can't get to my contact list to send spam to my contacts.  My email has never been hacked. 

I once, though, used the yahoo server to check email when I was working.  I had a few contacts on the server, duplicates of what I had on my hard drive at home.  Eventually that account did get hacked, fortunately there were only 5 or 6 people in that contact list, but they did receive those stupid spam emails we've all gotten when our account has been hacked.  I removed the names from the server at that point.  The problem is, once your account has been hacked, removing contacts from the server will not stop fallacious emails from going to those contacts again -- the hackers already have the info, they don't need your list any longer.  Better to get your base of email operations off the server entirely.

Anyway, enough said about that.


Maggi said...

I got hacked once when I was using Hotmail so don't use that now. Unfortunately, as you say, by that time they have your contacts. At least they can't send emails pretending to be you.

Unknown said...

Wow -- I understood SOME of what you wrote here. Looks like if I was able to hang around you for awhile, I just might learn enough to have my own blog!