Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Going and Coming

Been sending a lot of mail art these days...four photos of what I've shipped off in the last week alone.

In some instances I've been using a few of the hand cut stamps I made several years ago ~ and I may be carving a few more soon, possibly.  But I'm loving the rubber stamps I've added to my collection recently, and there's definitely more of these on the way.

Favorite rubber stamp places currently are StampFrancisco and CatsLifePress.

I've been buying postage stamps from USPS online.  There are so many more stamps to choose from than we get at the Fortuna Post Office.  As an added bonus, stamps purchased online come in cellophane bags with chipboard so the stamps don't bend.  The chipboard can be recycled into postcards, which you'll see in a couple of these photos -- they're the gray ones.  Frankly, I think USPS uses too much packaging -- like they could combine several small quantities of stamps in one plastic sleeve with board -- but I'm always glad to get stuff that can be recycled into art.

I received a package from a friend recently where she'd used a bunch of individual stamps instead of having it posted at the P.O.  It was so cool that I cut out the piece of the box with the stamps on one side, addressed and wrote on the other side, and dropped it in the mail.  See that in the photo below.

Here's an old envelope I recycled, from before we used Zip Codes.  I'm thinking it's from the 1930s or 40s.

The last photo is a package of fabulous goodies I received from online pal Susan Christensen.   Sus is a mixed media and textile artist whose work I adore.  This package of handmade treats from her was a wonderful gift.  Thanks, Sus!

I'll post photos of other recently received mail art soon ~ I'm in the process of reorganizing incoming mail.


Els said...

Looooove these art-mail cards Connie !!!
Recognized immediately the package from Sus ;-)

PamelaArtsinSF said...

Some pretty terrific looking mail you've got going on, Connie. A lot of folks are going to have Good Mail Days!

frazzledsugarplummum said...

What wonderful mail art! Anyone today would be delighted to receive one and no guilt about not having a touch of recycling.

Maggi said...

What wonderful colour and joy you are putting out into the world.