Monday, June 24, 2013

Earth Bats Last

The Lemon ~ I've spent a lot of time in my garden lately, pulling OUT recently planted veggies, unfortunately.  After the first crop of salad veggies in mid-spring, things have not been growing as well as I hoped they would.  My research into the matter seems to indicate that the nearly ever-present wind in my area has been making the veggies tough very quickly and keeping them small.

Every nano location in coastal California is its own microclimate.  Things can grow well around the block but not necessarily precisely where I am, all factors considered.  And erecting a windbreak where my garden beds are would be impractical and cost-prohibitive.

Bummer.  It's back to store-bought organic greens for me.  The truth is, after those first few salads, I haven't been enjoying eating out of the garden because the veggies are tough and bitter (several lettuce varieties, two spinach varieties, two or three romaine varieties).  And what I planted from seed, although nearly everything germinated, has been extremely slow to grow as well as attracting snails to those tender new shoots.  I can't bring myself to kill snails -- I put them in a dish a carry them about 200 feet to the bluff and wish for them happy lives elsewhere.  Fortunately there aren't many of them, but just one can do a lot of damage.

The Lemonade ~ I'm turning the veggie beds into flower beds and mulching with cocoa bean mulch which repels snails.  I have a few starts to put out already and will add more over time.

Just another one of life's many lessons that you gotta go with the flow.  Also that you can't bend nature to your bats last.


Irene said...

And so it is with gardening. As much as you would like for it to turn out as you had envisioned, mother nature decides differently. At least you have the willingness to proceed with another plan.

tiedyejudy said...

Sorry to hear it didn't work for you, but I get it. My garden is on the deck this season to keep it away from the Prairie Dogs, but we also have wind issues here. I'm trying to keep everything going until the Monsoons, and then have to keep an eye out to protect them if we get hail. Best wishes on a successful flower garden!

Leslie said...

Cocoa bean mulch! I didn't know it warded off snails. We're overrun with the damn things, and unlike you, I fling them out in the street to die. I'm sorry your greens failed. It's depressing when the garden doesn't produce well. But enjoy the flowers!

Leslie said...

Also love the collage/journal page. The minimalist colors really appeal to me.

jackie said...

Its funny to hear about other people's garden problems, we only have slugs and pigeons to contend with, no prairie dogs! Pity you can't have some of our rampant lettuce.
Thank you for the kind comment, which cheered me up. Lovely colours in your booklets.