Sunday, June 2, 2013

Humming Right Along...

Perhaps I'll finally get off my own case for having days every week where I seemingly accomplish nothing creative.  It's all a head game.  Those non-productive days always lead me forward, after the fact.

These are my first two small works for the 2013 Index-Card-A-Day (ICAD) Challenge, brought to us by Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow.  I don't intend to be uploading any of these 61 pieces of work to the ICAD Flickr or Facebook groups, but you'll get to see them all.

I decided yesterday to actually focus on a few things with this challenge, instead of spreading myself all over the mixed media map.  Here are the parameters I've established ~
    *  primarily neutral colors
    *  lots of collage, but not exclusively
    *  make each one a small finished piece of art
Re: the neutral color thing, I've wanted to focus in on this area for a while, but keep getting waylaid by all the wonderful colorful media I have.  You might remember that I recently altered a book to be a journal for exploring neutral colors.  This ICAD exercise for the next two months will segue into that journal sometime in the summer.  For now I'm getting my feet wet with this area of exploration.

After creating my entries to the Mail Me Some Art "orange" challenge, I decided to do a couple of fabric postcards for MMSA's "non-paper" exchange.  So I made these two pieces on Friday.  Entirely fabric, thread and peltex, no paper or cardboard.  They are stylistically similar to my two previous runs of textile postcards, but the backs, which can be written on, are a lot simpler than what I did earlier.  And what a joy it was to create just two pieces for the sheer fun of it (and not because I intend to try to sell them).

Yesterday at the Fortuna Community Yard Sale, I found this 1926 edition of Pinocchio for a mere 50 cents.  What a steal.  The book is in pretty good shape overall, the book block is intact, but the outer spine fabric is missing.

I'm planning to restore this one rather than altering it.  The pages are heavy, and there are wonderful illustrations on every single page.  See two page spreads below.  There are four different sets of illustrations which are then each reversed, and they run sequentially from start to finish.  A beautiful old book.


The Idaho Beauty said...

I like the neutral studies...a lot. I think it smart you set out some parameters to help you stay focused and work through this palette. I have thought to do the same thing but of course always get sidetracked. Excellent fabric postcards too. You are freeing yourself up in so many ways lately and it is resulting in some very good things.

And kudos for rescuing that wonderful old book.

Karen Isaacson said...

I like the idea of creating all your cards in a neutral palette. You are off to a gorgeous start. And those fabric postcards are wonderful. I can't wait to see them!

Susan Christensen said...

Great post for me to read this morning Connie. Lots to ponder. Always like to read the affirmations in praise of 'down time ' which I tend to bear grudgingly at best.
Also the power of focus brought to bear by limits.
excellent food for thought.
Happy week - sus

Alice said...

That's a beautiful edition of Pinocchio, and you are lucky to have found it. Glad you will be restoring it to a more permanent state.

One of my first book-making projects was binding a set of preprinted pages of Pinocchio I bought from Volcano as a text block. I did it in coptic style and it was a very rewarding project, to bind a "real" book.

I have many fond memories of Pinocchio from when I was a kid. My edition had good illustrations, too, but not as nice as yours.

Maggi said...

I really like the neutral studies. What a find the book was, enjoy restoring it.

jackie said...

I have book envy, great find, but my memories of the story are not good, I always found it frightening as a child. I have the beaded tassel book and many others of hers too.