Friday, May 24, 2013

Who Is That Girl?

...I know this is probably a portrait of someone, but I didn't create it.  And I'm not sure who the artist is. 

Nevertheless I loved it, and that mass of dark hair could easily have been mine before I started graying.

And it makes such a wonderful journal page.  So here it is.

Yesterday I caught up on outgoing mail art.  Later today I'll watch Carla's last (day 5) video lesson and tinker around with my prints from earlier this week.  Or not.  We'll see.

Carla had a great blog post yesterday about all the things you can do with art that doesn't make the cut.  I feel heartened to know that even she gets only one, two or possibly three decent pieces out of each series of eight that she prints.

As with everything else at this point, it's the process, the play, the fun, that counts.  And I've been having that in spades.


KAM said...

Oh yes, this is wonderful Connie. It resonate so with my child self growing up in the 50's...Kristin

Meg Fowler said...

My hair's been gray so long that I've forgotten what I looked like when it was black!
I love your prints! The colors are really great! Mine suck! I got a total of 1/2 of one print that I really like. I'm just going to make a collage journal from them and cover most everything up! BUT ... it sure was fun making them!!!

diane said...

This might be by Gregory Grenon