Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thai Cuisine

Today is the reveal for Fiberactions' latest challenge, to use at least three colors of foods from your kitchen.
On the menu at Rose Cottage, Thai Cuisine ~ eggplant, basil and pepper.  Quilt is 18 inches square, all hand dyed and printed fabrics (cotton, rayon and vintage linen).

This is a woven quilt ~ 12 strips horizontally and 12 strips vertically woven together.  The woven strips were fused to muslin foundation cloth, that was placed over batting and backing, and then machine quilted.  I had wanted to hand quilt this one, but I knew before I even began that my hands/wrists would not hold out.  So machine quilted it was.

The short story about having these ingredients readily available is that I've been cooking Thai for myself at home.  I recently got Buddha's Table from Amazon, and I love all the dishes I've made from the book.  There's absolutely no place to get authentic Thai food on the North Coast, but now I can do it at home.

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Irene said...

Now I'm very much in the mood for Thai food because you have discussed it and illustrated it with your wonderful quilt. It will be my up and coming culinary adventure along with some others. I used to be very fond of the mildly hot kind. I hope I can find the ingredients here.