Friday, April 12, 2013

This Is Me, Having Fun

Remember that stack of Gelli printed paper I made not long ago?  Some of it is being overprinted soon, some of it is being torn into pieces and used in art journal collages, and some is being made into envelopes for mail art.  I folded these yesterday, and quickly printed matching stationery on drawing paper.

This is a piece of mail art going out today.  I covered over the addressee's name for the photo.  I can't think of a better way to use up little bits of ephemera and cancelled stamps, as well as using rubber stamps I've been collecting but have rarely used before now.  Mail art is also a great vehicle for getting handmade tags, ATCs, greeting cards etc. out there into the world.
I've been going through my stamp collection and getting rid of ones I won't use ~ mostly inexpensive and/or recycled ~ to make way for a bunch of new stamps arriving soon.  The castoffs are being donated to my local SCRAP (which now has a shop in Arcata!).  There are numerous places online to get cool stamps.  Two of my new favorites are Zettiology and CatsLife Press.  Very unique stamps, stuff you don't find everywhere.

I had heard about Art Abandonment, an idea taking hold in artistic communities of leaving art in public places for some unknown person to find.  One leaves a small info sheet about Art Abandonment on the item, along with a link to post to when you've found a piece of art.  Mail art to me is very much like this, except you know who you're sending art to and you get mail art back from that person.  So you build an art correspondence relationship with individuals over time.  This really appeals to me.  So this is what I'm doing.

I'll make the pitch again ~ if any of you want to exchange mail art with me, please email me and let's set it up!


Sandy said...

What a good use. I love mail art--so does my little post office.

Meg said...

OMG I LOVE the Catslife Press stamps! (Coincidentally I bought my first "Airmail" stamp in Japan. I always liked them but never bought one and just when I was ready to buy, I only found one I liked. So, yay!!

Irene said...

Whoever receives this. is going to be very lucky. I can't imagine who it would be.

Judy said...

What fun Connie!
I love what you are doing!! What sorts of paper are you using when you Gelli Print on it? Will simple printer paper work, or do you need something a bit more stout?

Thanks for more inspiration!


Jan said...

Can I just inhabit your world with you, or better yet, BE you? I love everything you do, then want to do it, but don't. Sigh. My own challenge, right now.


jackie said...

Nice idea,particularly the notepaper idea. It would be a real bummer to abandon art and find nobody wanted it! I had that experience when I put a piece into a raffle and it was the last prize to go!

Valerie Kamikubo said...

I like it when you have fun, because the joy just kind of spreads out to the rest of us.