Friday, April 19, 2013

Something Different

Yesterday I started working with Dina Wakley's Art Journal Freedom.   What a great book this is.  Dina's approach to art journaling is SO different from anyone else's, it's like a breath of fresh air.  So I'm trying her methods, to stretch myself.

The first three images here are spray inks on watercolor paper.  I've used Dylusions inks, there are a couple other brands available as well.  All have slightly different properties (of course).  The image just below also has Perfect Pearls spritzed on it, pearlized spray dye.

I stamped the circles and squares with pigment inks -- they worked just fine.  Meaning they're as waterproof as I need them to be once they're dry.  The piece above was stenciled with craft acrylic paint.  That worked well too.  These papers will be cut up to be backgrounds in mini collages, and likely some art postcards.  The three pieces are currently 11 x 15 inches.

The last two images are paper towels that I used to blot the dyes.  I used the whole roll of towels, rolled once across each painted paper.  I'm not sure how I'll use these, but I sure like them.

Recently I began reading my art technique books all the way through before I start doing any projects based on them.  Most of the books I read previously to now I would put aside shortly after starting, because I'd launch into things quickly or maybe already try to do things differently than suggested.  Ms. Contrarian, here.  Consequently, it wasn't often that I actually finished the book, got all the juice out of it. Well now I'm reading the whole book first, to get the lay of the land, and then going back to the beginning to work through it.  This is a much more organized way for me to try new things.


MegWeaves said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the resist look. I got my new stamps from Catslife yesterday. Yum. And what lovely people to deal with.

Connie, I hope you don't mind my asking this question using your blog as a platform. Does anyone know of stamp inkpads I can use where I can stamp something on cloth, say cotton, embroider over the stamped image, then wash so the stamp ink will wash away without staining the cloth/stitches?? I bought a few cross-stick like letters for this purpose but haven't found the right ink. It won't even have to be ink pad products, but something I can concoct in the kitchen?? Thank you for any suggestions in advance.

Irene said...

Yes, it is a good idea to read the whole book first no matter how impatient you are to get started and no matter how full of really good ideas your head is. It sounds to me like you are going about it the right way now. God only knows what you will produce next. I can't wait. Judging by today's batch, it's going to be wonderful.

tiedyejudy said...

I love every inch of what you have done here! And I commend you on reading all the way through before trying techniques... that's a challenge for me as well, but has proven to be a good habit to get in to for me. You make me want to go out and buy inks and a spray bottle... the colors are really vibrant and eye-catching! You know I'm a color junkie! Thanks for sharing your new experiments, and I can't wait to see what you do with the paper towels!

Judy said...

Oh yes, these are indeed lovely! The colors are so incredibly vibrant....and the paper towels are incredible too! ;-)
What self discipline you are showing, to read the book first. I'm like you - always so impatient to get started!


Susan Christensen said...

This post helps me connie
I recently bought two technique books and am inspired to do as you suggest
Read them
cover to cover
Then work the techniques.
Love the colors I see here!
And those towels area spring bouquet!

jenclair said...

These are so beautiful, Connie! I love them all and getting extra prints from the paper towels is great. Will you try some of the techniques on cloth?

Sandy said...

Wonderful colors-ones I love.

Jan said...

Woohoo! You know I love these bright colors--fun!
Reading all the way through is good--congrats on adopting that discipline.