Monday, April 8, 2013

No Boundaries

I've had trouble falling asleep lately ~ creative excitement and energy have been keeping me awake.

My art journal pages -- the ones I've been posting for the last few weeks -- really took a turn for the better since taking Kelly Kilmer's Finding My Way online class.  She has numerous classes and many are similar...but the material contained within is all good stuff.

I created a page here on the blog recently, called Great Classes.  I've moved links to classes I've taken to the page and off the sidebar.  The caption under each photo is a link to the class.

I just received an instructional DVD with Jane Davies, one of my go-to muses for painting and journaling inspiration.  The DVD is called Scribble Collage, by Creative Catalyst.

Books recently added to my list of resource materials ~

Acrylic Solutions by Chris Cozen and Julie Pritchard.  Lots of instruction on using acrylic paint and media in mixed media work.

Good Mail Day by Jennie Hinchcliff and Carolee Wheeler.  This is a primer for making eye-popping postal art.  And yes, I am venturing into mail art.  I recently became a member of Letter Writers Alliance and Postcrossing.  I have a couple new penpals through LWA, and I've been sending and receiving postcards from around the world with random Postcrossers.  These sites are for people who want to write actual letters and postcards via snail mail.  Soon I'll be corresponding with mail art penpals.  If any of you readers are interested in exchanging mail art and having me as a new correspondent, please email me.

Last night I started to get into Dina Wakley's Art Journal Freedom.  This book kept me up til the wee hours last night.  I love Dina's collages and journal pages ~ they're SO ALIVE!

The garden bed I planted just a few weeks ago has been feeding me nightly for nearly a week.  I've been having the best salads ever ~ lots of different greens, all fresh picked and clean, alive with flavor.  Yesterday I had a second bed delivered, and now it's ready for soil and plants which will be added later this week.

A while back I wrote about my night dreams and how they almost always fall into distinct categories, such as work dreams.  Work, as in when I was employed by others.  I still have those frequently despite the fact that I stopped working two years ago.  This morning, though, I woke out of a dream where I had been offered the very best job of my life...and I was being counseled by one or two people to take the job...but I just kept explaining why I couldn't take the job, that it wasn't me any longer, that I detested office and organizational politics and wouldn't play that game...that I trusted myself to know what was right for me.  GREAT dream.


Els said...

Ha ! know that kind of trouble falling asleep : planning and making all kinds of creative work (in my bed)

Well good for you knowing what you must do in your dreams ... ;-)
I só often forget what I just dreamed about ... can't help it, tried to remember, but it just isn't there anymore ....

Emma said...

dreams are pretty surreal, aren't they? Love Jane Davies work, some of her youtube videos are great, very accessible.

tiedyejudy said...

Love all of this post! As for the greens, I'll be catching up soon... getting a protected area built behind the house so I can grow salad veggies and herbs with a longer growing season... can't wait!
Your dream is awesome! Love when we can stand up for ourselves, don't you?

MegWeaves said...

Thank you for all the links and the Great Classes page. I just put The Good Mail Day on my Wishlist, and am having a closer look at Postcrossing. You know I love postcards, but if I can make interesting ones, all the better!

Maggi said...

A really interesting post, sharing a real slice of what goes on behind the scenes at Rose Cottage. Thanks for the links and your great classes page is a brilliant idea.

Maggi said...

PS. I'm sure that you rejected that job in your dream because you already have the best job in the world.