Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Facing Future I'm sitting here at the computer writing this post, I'm wondering whether we all consider the future to be in the same direction or not.  For me, the future is to my right, probably because I'm right handed and because most of us read from left to right.  So what's ahead is to the right.  It might not be that way for everyone.  The girl in the collage is looking to her left -- stage left as it were -- but who knows whether she's looking forward or back.  Don't mind me.

Something is different about this collage/journal page, different from my previous work (with a few rare exceptions).  Anyone want to venture a guess?


Irene said...

To me the future is more like a big, broad space that lies to my left and right and ahead of me and that I continually walk into. Strange, I had never thought to visualize it like this.

I don't know what s different about your collage other than the color. I bow my head in shame.

Anonymous said...

looking forward
with a full basket...

Alice said...

Um - is it the black outline?

Jeannie said...

Alice saw what I saw, the outline. It is very subtle, but does enhance the parts. Interesting about the left/right future. Whenever I do a meditation and see a path with the always present fork in the road, I take the left. I think it is from always doing the opposite of what my mother wanted me to do. LOL!

Unknown said...

The future is to the right, yes.
both the Sailor and I think so anyway.
Great question and great collage. -sus