Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hearts & Flowers

From both of us here at Rose Cottage, Happy Valentine's Day!  
May today be one of joy and beauty for you all.  

We send you our love and blessings.


susan christensen said...

And ours to you, Connie Rose and Beegee. Happy Valentines Day, Creative one. xxoo, sus and Flossy

KAM said...

Connie all heart blessings from me here in Montana to you! I continue to find great pleasure in having come back here to the Rockies for my retirement years. Each day there are more and more birds arriving... I watched a great blue heron flying just north of me as the Clark Fork Flyway becomes active in these early warming from winter days.
I love seeing your collages each day. Do you have a plan for them as a collection?
Happy heart day!

Irene said...

I do not believe in or support all the commotion that is made of Valentine's day. It is supposed to be merely a way to acknowledge love between two (semi) adults. Now the whole world wants to express love to each other. People from every gender and every age group. I think it is all a commercial set up gotten completely out of hand and behold the sheep that believe in it and follow it. xox

Judy said...

Oh so sweet....and the same wishes back to you! My babies are here visiting, so I'm a bit behind in my emails and my blogging.....but who really cares? Hope you had a wonderful day.


Paper Chipmunk (aka Ellen) said...

Can there possibly be a better expression of love than a cat?