Monday, January 7, 2013

Red & White All Over

I bound this piece last night.  It was a perfectly good copy of Gift From The Sea which I bought for a song just to alter.  The book is 8.25x5 inches.  The binding stitch is Crossed Snowshoes, from Keith Smith's Vol. 2 book.  Crossed Snowshoes is essentially a double Chain Stitch, although both signatures were sewn in at the same time (Chain Stitch bindings are normally done one signature at a time).

The cover papers are my own paste prints from a few months ago.  The fabric spine is homespun cotton that I screen printed with dye several years ago.  And below you'll see the monoprinted end paper that I did last Thursday.

The mostly recycled pages are in reds, black and white.  I try to select recycled papers that "go with" the color theme of each book.

I'm making a stash of sample altered/recycled books as a preview to a day-long workshop I'll be presenting to NorBAG sometime this summer.  The next couple books I make will also be altered, with recycled pages, but the boards won't be covered entirely...or maybe not at all.


Sandra Rude said...

A perfect use for that wonderful jelly print!

Jeannie said...

I love the covers of this and the interior pages look like fun, too. I always thought a copy of A Gift from the Sea would be a perfect altered book. It is such a nice size. Have a happy!

Paper Chipmunk (aka Ellen) said...

I love it, Connie! Looks great!

jackie said...

This is lovely and the stitched binding is very appropriate/

Sandy said...

One of my favorites.