Thursday, January 17, 2013

More Recent Prints

The image above is the last print I pulled from this plate -- two earlier prints below.  I pulled the dried black paint off with titanium buff.

The earlier prints were made by inking a handcut stamp with paint, impressing it on the gelli plate, then pulling the print.  Although you can obviously go directly from stamp to paper or fabric, there's something about pulling a print off a plate that's just more intriguing.

The next three are related ~ same plate, different prints.

And the last is a one-off that I like.

I've made six PINK books this week for a personal challenge.  NorBAG has monthly book exchanges that follow different themes.  Although I don't intend to actually exchange any books, this year I decided to participate in each challenge by pushing myself to create at least one book for each theme.  February's, of course, is Valentines.  I printed a bunch of papers last week with a variety of pinks and have been making little books ever since.  They're all accordion style books ~ there are so many options here ~ because I hadn't made many previously although I've been enchanted by them.  I decided last night I'd make six more books because there are yet more accordion possibilities that I want to try.

...although just using PINK is a challenge in itself.  I've never been drawn to it before, except for a brief pink phase in the mid-1980s -- pink Swatch, pink tennies, pink workout clothes.  But I have to say that I'm enjoying the cool little books I've made and the stack of pink stuff on my work table.


Maggi said...

Yet more great pieces. Printing from the plate gives a less distinct image than stamping and I like that. Have just spent quite a long time browsing the NorBAG Filckr site. Such variety. Look forward to seeing you working with pink.

Jeannie said...

I love the prints. Yesterday, I was trying to figure out how to get an empty paper towel roll from the care facility into my purse. It was huge! I finally just asked and the CNN wanted to know if I was going to print with it!!! She got a gelli plate for Christmas. :) She then showed me some prints she had made with re-cycled equipment from her profession. Fun!

Meg said...

I've been weaving with pink. Enough said. You know me...

Sandy said...

Fun what you do with circles. Pink isn't my thing either but when it leans to purple it's great.

jenclair said...

Cool prints, Connie. Love the last one!

Unknown said...

This post makes me smile connie as I think
of PINK and

Jan said...

Oh fun! I think maybe I'm drawn to the Gellli printing because of the silly name, though I know it has meaning.

I LOVE your Valentine books--I LOVE you working in pink! What fun to use a color not in your usual palette.