Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fern Book

Another green book ~ this one a copy of Jane Eyre, the title of which I didn't want to cover over, so I left the outer spine the way it was.  The cover was plain, though, so I printed on it and added one of my tiny 4 x 4 inch collages from 2011.  It isn't a stencil I printed with, it's a rubbing plate that I inked up with Lumiere metallic paint then pressed onto the book.  Worked excellently.

The inner spine was covered with a piece of scrapbook paper.  See it just above.  The end papers are two of those old book pages I gelli printed a few weeks back.  As with yesterday's book, I stuck to green pages as far as possible.

I added pockets to the insides of the first and last page, stitching them in.  The binding stitch is the Double X and I think this is the stitch I'll teach in the workshop this summer.  It's quite a bit easier than it looks and stitches in three signatures at one time.  Fern Book is 8.5 x 5.5 inches.


Irene said...

It is a pretty book, Connie, but I like it better when you do the outside as well. I like your art better than I do the original stuff. It is much more interesting. xox

Sandra Rude said...

Love that cover! Subtle but really beautiful.

Jeannie said...

Great idea using the rubbing plates. Your spines have got to be the prettiest I have ever seen on a book. I never knew there were so many ways to join a signature to a spine. :)

Maggi said...

Beautiful. What are you going to do with all your books?

Emma said...

Fabulous, I love both your green books but particularly that double X binding stitch, & the fern printing. I'd love to just fly over & take your class ;)

Ross Taylor said...

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susan christensen said...

Fern book
Gives hope for
And memories of
xxxoo - sus

Sandy said...

Ferns are so beautiful. What a good way to remember them.