Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winter/Spring Shabby Journal

As promised to myself, last weekend I made the cover for my Winter/Spring 2013 shabby journal (and I still have pages left for another journal).

This time, instead of making a slipcover for the interior Peltex, I fused shiboried vintage linens inside and out, edge stitched the book, and then quilted and embellished it.  Journal is 9x6 inches.

The first photo below shows the inside cover, and the last shows the inside back cover.  I've used a favorite early collage, torn in half, instead of more traditional end papers.  The rest of the spreads are pages that I made last summer.

The tie you see isn't stitched on yet -- I might use ribbon instead.

I've been working daily in my Venice Travel Journal, keeping up with Mary Ann Moss's daily postcards and photos.

That journal is already too thick, and I just started filling it.  I'll have to remind myself not to over do it in future when I create sewn pages with foldouts, etc.  It's easy to make too many pages and not leave room for the natural expansion that happens when the journal gets filled.

Have a happy Boxing Day, if that means anything to you!


Irene said...

Boy, you sure do make nice books. They are a wonder to behold. I want almost everyone I have seen here but especially these last two. I may come by Rose Cottage one day when you're not home and break in and liberate then. xox

Jeannie said...

Ah ha!!! Irene has the same idea as I do! LOL! Your journal is wonderful. I love how each page has its own personality and unique design. You are amazing!

Sandy said...

That's such a wonderful journal.

Jan said...