Monday, December 17, 2012

Roll Your Own

This is the mess of innards that will be assembled into my Italy Adventure travel journal.  Despite the focus on Venice -- which I'll likely not ever see with my own two eyes -- I'll be including bits & bobs and photos from my trip to Florence/Umbria/Lake Como in 2007.  The covers are the two pieces of board currently covered in mattress-ticking paper.  Finished journal will be 7.5 x 9.5 inches, horizontal.

I wanted to show you some things I've prepared for inside the journal.  You may be interested in doing some of this yourself at some point.  First, above, this is one way I've been creating clear pockets for some of my journals.  I cut a page protector in half width wise, then stitch scraps of paper and/or fabric along three edges with decorative stitches.  These will be included along with other folios of paper when I create the signatures; the folded left edge of each will be bound right in to the journal.  You can also make them narrower and stitch right onto individual pages.

We have a limited accessibility to cool scrapbook cardstock on the North Coast -- most of the stuff available at the three stores is not my cup of tea.  So I just started color copying the few things I do like that I purchased, onto plain or light colored cardstock.  I'm also copying patterns onto the back of cardstock I bought in pads, sheets that are usually white on the back.

And these three images are transparencies or overlays I printed yesterday.  The patterned papers are underneath.  I used acrylic paint to stamp and stencil right onto transparency sheets.  I have a box of Apollo which I bought several years ago for image transfers, but which, at the rate I'm going, I'll never use up for only the original purpose.

These overlays can be folded in half and used as folios, or cut and stitched to create pockets or use over photos.  Cool, huh?


Jeannie said...

Your book is going to be so interesting! I look forward to seeing more. Dick Blick is only a mile from Dad's hospital. Guess where I walked to for some R&R? LOL! I wandered into the fancy paper section and even though I am a fabric gal, some sheets came home with me. Have a wonderful week! Does your virtual trip start this week?

Meg said...

Be still, my heart! I love ALL this ... stuff!!! Have a great trip, Connie.

By the way, two Q's - what kind of needle do you use when you sew through card, and what is Apollo?

Michelle Remy said...

Very inspiring post! I was feeling a little bit at loose ends with the Ticket to Venice class...not sure whether or not I was going to make a journal since I already have so many in play but I think you've inspired me to move forward. This post is full to bursting with tricks & tips...thank you! Maybe someday, we'll be able to get together and see each other's journals in person!

Maggi said...

Looking at what you already have here your journal is going to take you on a wonderful journey.

Irene said...

You are very inventive and creative as this post shows. I would love to hang out with you and absorb some of that.

jenclair said...

Love that you managed to increase your supply of favorite papers by using the photocopier!