Monday, November 12, 2012

Some Recent Fabric

Here are a few pieces from last week's ecodye batch.  The one above is onion skins and oak leaves on silk crepe de chine.

This is an old doily.  I love these things.

Eucalyptus leaves on cotton on rusty pipe.

 Eucalyptus leaves on aluminum pipe.

There are several others and they're beautiful in their own right, but the prints are quite light and the images don't show especially well.

I have a large selection of Art Quilts available online now in my Textile Shop.  Lots of variety in price, size and style.  Please visit the shop.  And I do hope you'll buy "handmade in the USA" this holiday season -- and help support artists like me who, frankly, really NEED the money.

Have a great week.


Jeannie said...

Connie, your prints are beautiful. I love the symmetry of the euc leaves and how different the results are with the different pipes. Santa's workshop is open here and the pile of finished gifts is starting. (Well, the easy ones are being done first. LOL!)

Els said...

At first sight of this post I said : wow, silk !!!!! ;-)
Your eco-dyeing is once again very good Connie, I especially love the eucalyptus ones .... (will be great to stitch, yummy !)

jenclair said...

Each one is beautiful! What a variety of designs and colors!

Sandra Rude said...

Beautiful, inspiring work, as usual!

Ayn said...

Great prints and variety. Especially fun to see the different print effects with the eucs on using different metal pipes.