Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pie Season

Pie season began at Rose Cottage yesterday.  This beauty is organic gala apple pie.  The tarts were made with homemade cherry jam that a friend made.  All delicious.

I've been toiling away on my piece for Fiberactions' current challenge -- neutrals -- to be revealed November 15.  I've made a series of small quilts, am beading them now, and then will turn them into a fabric book.  More work than I bargained for...but hey, I've got nothing better to do these days anyhow.  If there's time, I've got a second piece in mind for the challenge.

I've been reading a lot this year ~ I love to read.  I read throughout the day between artmaking sessions, I read most evenings, sometimes spend most of the weekend reading.  So glad I have the time at this point in my life.  Here's some of what I've read this year, and if it's on the list, it's recommended ~
  • all of Daniel Silva's Gabriel Allon series of international espionage novels, beginning with The Kill Artist
  • all of Henning Mankell's Wallander series of Swedish mystery/crime novels (I read Steig Larsson's trilogy a couple years ago)
  • most of Jo Nesbo's Harry Hole series of Norwegian mystery/crime novels
  • Appassionata by Eva Hoffman
  • The Cat's Table by Michael Ondaatje
  • Sea Change by Jeremy Page
  • True Believers by Kurt Andersen (mid-way through this one and loving it)
  • Hotel Paradise by Martha Grimes
I recently completed the first of my art journals (now called Wild Journal) and am slowly working toward the end of the second...while at the same time working in volume three, which will be called Design Journal.  That black & white fabric-covered book I made not long ago has become my zentangle journal -- I'm doing new work in that (white pen on black paper, black on white) plus I glued in the small zentangles I drew previously in an early book that I dismantled after I'd used all the pages.

I've been making entries in my shabby Autumn Journal every few days, wanting it last for the entire season.  There's not a lot going on in my life now, and this is blissful.  I rarely write in my writing journal any more, because there isn't much to report.  I used that vehicle over countless years to work through difficult things.  Life has really mellowed out as I've aged.  It's such a blessing to just live peacefully and without stress or strife.  To take each day as it comes, to do what gives me pleasure and not worry about anything else.

As always there are countless projects I'd like to begin, ideas I have in my head...but I no longer have the compulsion to power through anything.  If it gets done, great...if it doesn't, that's okay too.  My muse is definitely in kick-back mode now.  And that's just fine as well.


jenclair said...

Oh, the pie and tarts look delicious!

I'm a fan of the Wallander series, but the last one got to me. Reminds me that I need to do some more quilts for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. I've read quite a few of Jo Nesbo's--several more to go! Marth Grime's Richard Jury series is also a favorite.

Can't wait to see what your newest Fiberaction pieces will be, Connie.

Jeannie said...

I am laughing because I have arrived at the same place, mentally. If it gets done - great, if not - so what. I am cleaning my room. Ugh, why did I even start?! The goal is to have a place to be - no deadlines, no "you have to" - just create.
Your book list is just what I needed to see. I haven't read for enjoyment for a while, so I will be taking your list to the library.
Your apple pie and tarts looks so good. I may have to dust the cobwebs off the oven and bake!
Wishing you a beautiful rest of the week.

Valerie Kamikubo said...

Wow! You've been busy!

susan christensen said...

With age comes wisdom, for sure, Connie. I read it in this post! (I love pie of all kinds, but those cherry jam tarts look divine)! -sus

tiedyejudy said...

Girl, I love where you're at now! I still push myself harder than I would like, but I'm happy with my life for the most part. Your pie and tarts look soooo yummy! Bet they smelled good too while they were baking! Enjoy every minute of every day!