Sunday, September 16, 2012

Not Too Shabby

This is the shabby journal cover I made in Mary Ann's Remains of the Day class.   Journal is closed in photo at left, and open, below.

I deviated from her instructions a bit, by using Peltex inside the slipcover instead of heavy paper.  You could also use Timtex or Fast2Fuse, any of the heavy heavy weight interfacings, and it doesn't matter if they're fusible or not.

The outside cover is a piece of discharged cotton with scraps and small pieces of other discharged fabrics free-motion quilted on after I put the interfacing inside.  The inside cover is white fabric with tiny black circles -- you can see a tiny bit of it at the bottom of both photos.

Today I'm starting to make pages for the journal.

Re: the concept of shabby, it's hard for me to get really shabby...or it's something I need to work on.  Even my "shabby" pieces look quite-well made.  But that's okay ~ I love this journal cover.

A lot of my handmade fabric is relocating from quilting fabric piles into a new book arts fabric pile, especially the small bits and pieces that I never managed to fit into a quilt -- like the pieces in the journal cover.  


Jeannie said...

I was so glad to hear that you have a hard time with "shabby" because I struggle with it too. I tried to do some gifts ala Ruth Rae. The inner home ec teacher about had a coronary. LOL! I love your book cover the way you cut the lower piece of fabric made me think of feathers or that line of black sand you see when the tide goes out. Gorgeous, Connie!

Irene said...

That certainly is one of the nicest ones you've made so far but then I probably always say that. I think you should do shabby more often and become an expert at it. xox

Meg Fowler said...

I love this one, Connie!!! Gorgeous fabrics made a beautiful collaged journal cover. Hey! It's quilted and neutral! You can use this as your next Fiberactions challenge piece!!!

tiedyejudy said...

Shabby or not, this is a beautiful cover! I'm so glad you are able to use some of your gorgeous shibori fabrics!

jenclair said...

The fabrics are so beautiful! This is a journal to treasure!