Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Don't Forget

A new Coptic stitch book, made yesterday.  This time I even got the stitch right!  This little book is 4" tall by 5" wide, board covers are wrapped in a collage, and the pages are all cardstock.

I have a stretch stretch goal of making a book a day ~ but I'd be happy with a couple a week.  It's such an enjoyable process, and I love that the end product is functional.  This might be the first time in my vagabondish art career that I've actually made something that has a use! 

For several decades I've noticed that my night dreams often fall into categories.  There's the Work Dream group, which I had scads of, especially in the year or two after I left a particular job (and including my very last job, which ended in July 2011).  And the Show Dreams, which were always related to my having been a vendor for a number of years at art/craft shows (often those dreams were about not being set up in time for the opening, a new version of those age-old dreams we all had about not being prepared for an exam at school).  And Conference Dreams, which were where work and show dreams came together.

And then there were/are the Art Retreat dreams, two of which I've had in the last few nights.  I love those, and I only wish I could remember the awesome art made therein by myself and others.  Last night's was about BIG art ~ someone was working in a hardbound visual journal that must've been 18x24" in portrait format.  Somebody else was doing something to glass that gave it a smoky color.  Someone else was using a torch of some kind.  I remember thinking, "Wow, this is all much bigger and more involved than I can do at home." 

Much as I'd love to work on that scale, those days have passed and I'm happy to be working on a small, manageable scale with my work.


artymess said...

I rarely have art dreams ...wish I did mine are all jumbled nonsense .....x

Meg in Nelson said...

I LOVE this book. Dare I ask if you plan to sell your books at some stage?

Irene said...

I really do like the books that you make and can imagine having a bookcase full of them and finding a proper use for each of them. That would be lots of fun to contemplate. It must be very satisfying to make them and have them turn out so well.

Sandy said...

Another great book. I love the elephants.

Maggi said...

Another lovely book Connie. I like small manageable scale projects. What art we could produce if only we could work at it when we are dreaming!

Judy said...

Love this book too! I spent a bit of time (over my morning coffee), looking at your fabulous book posts. I was supposed to take a book binding class this week at the art center here in our little town. As per usual, the class did not make, but I told them I'd be interested in taking the class privately with the teacher. She called me Monday, and we are getting together on Friday. I can hardly wait! The poor lady has had to move here from Santa Fe, due to her husband's work. I am so looking forward to spending time with her, as we seem pretty compatible, at least over the phone!


Jan said...

But art IS functional, even if all you do is enjoy it. Or learn from it...I know you know this, AND I know what you mean. You did make things to wear, like scarves and jewelry.

I love this book.