Friday, September 28, 2012

Chain Chain Chain

Here's another triple chain-stitched book covered with upholstery fabric, completed yesterday.  The innards are collages, scrapbook paper and recycled magazine pages.

A word about recycled magazine pages ~ I've been finding an unusual assortment of magazines and magazine-style books at one particular thrift store recently.  So you might want to keep your eye on the magazine racks of your local thrift stores if you've a mind to recycle pages into handmade books.  Get the ones that have heavy paper.

Here's a sampling of what I've found ~
  • drawings of Richard Diebenkorn
  • a Japanese bluegrass magazine
  • Communication Arts
  • The Best of the Internet, from 1999
  • books of piano (and other instrument) music -- old sheet music is usually too brittle to reuse
  • European art magazines
  • issues of Hand Papermaking
  • an Arabic magazine of some sort
All great to use, all heavyweight paper which can be collaged or painted on, many pages with a lot of white space.

Have a great Friday!


Jeannie said...

Connie, that stitch compliments the fabric beautifully. It almost looks like bees on a stem. Truly a beautiful combination. The magazine titles are interesting! Fun to look through and then use. Wishing you a glorious weekend.

jenclair said...

I agree! The triple chain stitch compliments the fabric and becomes a beautiful element in its own right!

Sandy said...

That binding is beautiful and so even. Thanks for the ideas on magazines.

Irene said...

You do have me very intrigued.

Alice said...

What a handsome spine.

Jan said...

I'll be on the lookout for mags now. These sound fabulous!