Saturday, August 18, 2012

Studio Tips

I received my new Japanese hole punch on Thursday...the difference between this good one and the cheap one is like night and day.  Now I want to punch holes in everything!

Here are a couple of studio tips to pass along ~

If you do a lot of gluing, use an old catalog or phonebook.  Lay your piece to be glued on one page, and after applying glue, simply turn the page for the next piece.  Great way to recycle those old papers and not have to deal with individual pages with glue on them.

When you first open a plastic jar of something -- medium, paint, gesso, whatever -- coat the threads on the jar with petroleum jelly.  You'll never have a problem opening the jar after that.

Have a great weekend!


Sandy said...

Good tips. I like gaining momentum.

Jeannie said...

Thanks for the tips! Here is one for you - the gripper stuff that you can buy for cupboards or to put under your sewing machine foot pedal also works great for opening stubborn jars. I just cut a little square and use it as the gripper to open the pickle jar. No more banging the jar on the counter or with a knife! Wishing you a beautiful weekend and lots of things that need holes punched in them. ;)

Maggi said...

Glad you are enjoying your punch Connie. Thanks for the tips, both are really useful.

Jan said...

Great tips. Thanx.

jenclair said...

love the tip about the jar lids!

Lalit said...

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