Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Works on Paper

This is the first B&W collage in my new series.  There's some fabric in the mix here.

Long-time readers may remember my Sky Journal.  I began it a couple years ago, little homages to the sky in an early practice journal made by Alice Schlein.  (Do visit Alice's blog to see her magnificent weaving and awesome book binding.)  Anyhow, I finished Sky Journal a couple months ago after letting it sit unfinished for well over a year.  Below are two of the final spreads.

While much of the rest of the U.S. is burning up literally or figuratively, it's raining on the North Coast.  This has been the most miserable summer I can remember.  If the sun comes out at all, it only lasts for moments.  Yes, it's frequently overcast on summer mornings near the coast, but in the past that grayness has always burned off by noon and stayed away until the next morning.  Not so this year.  I suspect this is how we're experiencing global warming in these parts.

So I wrote 2012 North Coast Summer Weather Haiku last night ~

Gray skies every day
Summer hasn't started yet
Waiting for the heat

That probably won't be my last missive, at the rate we're going.


Jeannie said...

Beautiful collages. I love the Sky Journal. There is definately something up with the weather as my weather is "off" too. Now, I am not complaining! I do not miss the 2 months of 100 + weather and the orchards and vineyards are teeming with fruit.

Alice said...

Thanks for the nice comments, Connie. I really enjoy seeing the book in use. Not many of them get written in, for some reason. I think people are afraid of making a mark on a blank page. Not Connie!