Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tarot as Muse

A year ago I was invited to participate in the Humboldt Artists' Tarot project to create major arcana cards.  The cards would (and have been) made into a deck to be sold as a benefit to The Ink People, Humboldt's indie art center and art business incubator.

The card I drew in our opening ceremony was The Devil.  Although I posted this photo back in January when I finished the piece, I thought I'd repost it today since the project's opening is this evening at Arts Alive! Eureka.  Traditional info about The Devil along with how the card applies to my life can be found here.

For information about Arts Alive!, other Tarot-related events happening throughout July, and how to purchase the cards, check out Tarot as Muse.


Deb Levy said...

I love it Connie! Tarot (and Voodoo)works are underway in my studio right now...sort of goes hand in hand with my city.

Good luck with the opening tonight, I hope it is very successful.

susan christensen said...

Hi, Connie - I hope the opening was a blast. Your Devil card, and what you wrote about it, is really powerful stuff. I admire the courage you have shown in being true to yourself, letting go of the (smothering) security blanket of the Day Job, and plunging into you soul's work. You inspire me.
The Tarot has long fascinated me - since high school even, and has proved a muse in my work from time to time as well. Best wishes for the week ahead, sus