Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

mixed media on paper, 8x10 inches
If you're in the States, have a safe and happy Fourth of July.  If you're in Canada, hope you enjoyed Canada Day.  If you're elsewhere, enjoy the day whether or not you're celebrating anything special.

I hung out at the beach yesterday -- one of Humboldt County's numerous wild, unpeopled beaches.  Here's an image from Table Bluff Beach.

To see a few more photos, check out my Table Bluff Beach album on Facebook.


Jeannie said...

Wishing you a Happy Fourth, Connie! I really like your collage. It has so much depth and interest. Your photos were gorgeous and made me long for a trip to the beach. xo

Marybeth said...

OK you succeeded in making my hubby homesick for a nanosecond for Humboldt not so much. But after having a 100 degree day yesterday the beach looking very inviting!! Happy 4th

Valerie Kamikubo said...

Happy 4th, Connie :-)

susan christensen said...

This one evokes the spirit of Independence Day for me - guess it is partly because of the text and fonts you have used very effectively.
Wow, what a beach! -sus

jenclair said...

Perfect way to spend the 4th! Love the new mixed media piece!

Maggi said...

What a great mixed media piece. What a beautiful beach with that blue sky too. Haven't seen any of that around here lately.