Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Colors of My Name

Family Farm ~ 11" x 24"
Today is Fiberactions' reveal day for our latest challenge ~ which was to choose colors that begin with the first letter of your first and last names, plus black.

As usual, I couldn't stop at just one for each of my names.  So I chose chartreuse, celadon, rust, and rosy-orange.  And two quilts, of course.

The piece at left is Family Farm.  It reminded me so much of rows and patches of vegetables and flowers, hence the name.  I used Rayna's method of slicing and dicing sets of fabric strips, a technique I've been working with lately which you know if you're a regular reader. 

The pieces are so small in this quilt that I didn't want to make it any busier with I HAND quilted all the long seams in the ditch.  This was the first time I've hand quilted a machine pieced quilt, and I like the technique quite a bit.  I'll likely do this again on other quilts.

The second piece, Pinnacles, was actually the first of the two strip sets I'd sewn together.  I liked it so much, though, that I didn't want to slice into it.  Instead, I fused the black pieces on top, then quilted the whole thing.

In both quilts, the colored fabrics are a combination of hand dyed, hand printed and commercial fabrics.

Pinnacles ~ 20" x 22"
Head on over to Fiberactions to see what everybody else did.


Deb Levy said...

While I like them both, the first one is my favorite. I am drawn to both the design and clearer colors of that one.

Well done Connie!

Jeannie said...

And, I am the opposite! I love pinnacles! It really showcases the beautiful fabrics. I would not have chopped it up either. Family farm reminds me of the farms of my childhood. If only I had taken photos from the hay loft or the silo! (Well, I probably tried to and my Mom made me get down. lol!)

Jan said...

I simply adore both of these. I like the color and movement. Brava! I wish I were sewing....

Valerie Kamikubo said...

Oh, these are really nice, Connie! I was thinking that If I was doing this challenge, I would be stuck with violet and khaki, but then I thought of vermillion instead of violet, and felt much better :-)

susan christensen said...

Hi, Connie - the black and white make these very exciting! The slice n' dice thing is working for you, for sure, and really tantalizing ME. xxoo, sus

Maggi said...

Both are so effective and I love the use of the black and white fabric.