Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Home Is Where The Art Is

Today is reveal day for Fiberactions' 3rd color challenge, split complementary colors.  Instead of doing two pieces as I've done for the last two challenges, I did four!  The grouping is called Rose Cottage Quartet, each piece measuring 19x14 inches.  And meant to hang in no particular order.

I loved this challenge because I don't usually work with such contrasting colors, so it was a release of freedom to do so.  And I love the vibrancy of these colors together ~ turquoise (green-blue on the color wheel), red and orange.

I've also really been hankering to create quilted houses, which many other quilters have done.  And especially I was inspired by the paintings of my dear artist friend, Joan Gold.  The fact that these pieces are far more whimsical than my usual quilted fare honors the fact that I am letting myself loosen up as an artist.

Embedded in each piece, quilted in contrasting thread color, are the words "Home is where the art is."  The text is most evident in the bottom quilt on the right.  So apropos, since I live in my art studio!


Betty Eilat said...

I especially like what you did here!
the combination of colors is something that emerges from within with no sign and alert...
it is beautiful that you let yourself go and got here!
(I hope you understand what i'm trying to say here with my lame English...)

Sandra Rude said...

I really like these, Connie, and good for you to just let yourself go with a style and palette that are outside your usual practice.

Els said...

You did well, Connie ! Challenges are (always) fun because it often takes you on a path you normally don't go !
(sorry the pics are not bigger : was looking for the text in all ;-) !)
BTW good place to live !!!!!!

Valerie Kamikubo said...

These are wonderful, Connie! I love the colors and style of them. I think that my favorite is the first one... all of them though, very cool!

Jan said...

Fantabulous! You know I like these colors...so fun to see what you did with them! And I love house quilts, too.

Brava on all counts!


jenclair said...

Wow! Love the way you tackled this challenge, love the quote, love the houses, love the colors.