Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Worth the Wait

Talk about slow cloth...I wove this piece of fabric six years ago (woven shibori), gathered the threads within the last month, and just dyed it on Monday.

The fabric was woven with cotton/tencel warp and organic cotton weft.  Finished size is 70x22 inches, shawl sized.

It's the occasional finished piece like this that makes me wish I were still weaving.  Also that short stack of natural colored handwoven fabrics I still have.  Woven shibori and weaving plain fabric were what I loved best.

Anyway, weaving is the past for me.  If I ever had another opportunity, I know what I'd weave.  But on with life.

I've become a much better dyer since I wove this piece.  In fact, this is the only woven shibori piece that I dyed with fiber reactive dyes.  My earlier work was all silk, dyed with acid dyes, or cellulose fibers dyed with natural dyes -- and way before ecodyeing, for me.

After applying dyes to this piece I had leftovers, so I dyed the piece below as well.  That is a piece of recycled tablecloth cotton that I hand stitched a month or so ago.

Slowly I am working my way through those poled and/or bound pieces of cloth that were prepped for shibori in February.  I simply can't do everything all at once these days like I used to do -- quilting, dyeing, shibori prep, eco bundling, etc.

My new mantra is ~ Slower is better.


deanna7trees said...

beautiful cloth.

Jeannie said...

I love the mantra. Your cloths are gorgeous and well worth the wait.

Diane Wright said...

Oh! They are gorgeous!! Go as slow as you want...the results are incredible.

Els said...

Beautiful cloth Connie!

Well, it takes some time, but then we learn to adjust to the rhythm of life ;-)
(aka getting older)

Irene said...

Things that come slower are usually worth the wait and much appreciated and well loved. The things we linger over the longest stay with us forever too, if only in our minds. I bet you'll have a long lasting relationship with everything you do now.

Anonymous said...

They are incredible pieces Connie!!!

Valerie Kamikubo said...

I agree, Connie. Slower is better, but also a lot harder for me sometimes. I'm so glad that I stopped by. These pieces are so beautiful and a joy to see. Thanks for sharing them.

jenclair said...

Beautiful work--a testament to patience!

Sandra Rude said...

What gorgeous shibori! I love 'em.