Sunday, March 25, 2012

What Goes Around, Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around ~ 23x22 inches
I completed this latest recycled, ecodyed, hand quilted piece yesterday, after four full days of passionate stitching.
The fabrics are cotton and linen dyed with tin can lids, rusted washers and squiggly ornament hooks in various plant/metal concoctions.   Backing is walnut dyed recycled cotton, and the quilt is sandwiched with cotton batting.

This is the biggest recycled-ecodyed-hand quilted piece I've done, and I love it.   I have another piece, slightly bigger than this one's 23x22 inches, ready to quilt.  But I have other projects to move forward on before that.

Eons ago (like, the mid 1970s), this little 1x2 inch scrap of index card fell out of a used book I'd purchased at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore in West Hollywood.  It's one of the tidbits of ephemera that's traveled with me since then.

What's most interesting to me is that I still remember where it came from and even what book it was in (an early edition of Ernest Holmes' The Science of Mind), but I can't remember what I had for supper on Friday!


Lynda Howells said...

looks fantastic..what are you going to "do" with it when finished?Love the colours. I know what you mean about things you remember from 1970's and can't remember anything from last week!haxxxx

susan christensen said...

Love this piece, and the ephemera story. Happy week, sus

jenclair said...

Love all the hand stitching in this piece and the circles around the border, Connie!

Sandra Rude said...

Beautiful quilt, Connie! The stitching sets off the patterning nicely.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Fabulous piece. Love the ephemera.