Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stacks and Stacks

Went through my stash on Monday pulling out fabrics for Fiberactions' 3rd color challenge ~ split complementary colors.  First possibility is violet, yellow orange, yellow green. 

Second is turquoise, orange, red.

And third is red violet, green, yellow.  I haven't a clue yet which colors I'll choose or what I'll do or whether I'll do just one, or two pieces again.  What I can say at this time is that I've been revisiting some of my earlier quilts, and I think I'm over wholecloth pieces for a while.  Want to get more fabrics and techniques into the mix again.

This is a split complementary piece I did very early in 2011.  Actually it was an experiment using a piece of fabric that someone else had dyed that I'd won in a "Bad Fabric" swap.  The other person's fabric are the bottom two pieces.  The color scheme is blue, yellow orange, red orange. Most of the yellow orange is in the stitching, all done with yellow orange thread.  It was fun.  So I'm looking forward to working on the current challenge.


artymess said...

Lovely quilt the turquoise pile of fabrics.....x

Unknown said...

Thanks for the glimpse at the start of your next Fiberactions challenge piece... I will be getting headed in that direction myself tomorrow. -sus

jenclair said...

Loving all the fabric choices you've pulled. With any of those beautiful fabrics, working on the quilt(s) would have to be fun!

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Lovely, lovely fabric.