Thursday, March 8, 2012

Recycled Art

I hadn't thought of my collages as being recycled art, but in fact they are.  I rescue magazines that have interesting photos that I'll use in my daily collages, tear out the photos (often most of the magazine), and send what's left to the recycling center to become post-consumer recycled paper and God knows what else.

In other recycled art news, one of my handstitched quilts, Kalachakra, was mentioned earlier this week in a story at the TAFA List website.  Click here for the article.  My piece is the 4th photo image.  And do check out TAFA to see what over 400 other textile and fiber artists are up to world wide.


MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Connie. Your Kalachakra piece is beautiful and your mokume fabrics are smashing. Love the colors and patterns you get. I wouldn't even be able to cut into them--much too distinctive!
best, nadia

Unknown said...

Congratulations on recent recognitions, Connie - and I love your collages, recycled art at its best. -sus

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Cool and interesting article.