Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another Acid Dye Experiment

This is one of two quick experiments I did over the weekend ~ printing acid dyes on presoaked silk.  The fabric was soaked in 50/50 vinegar water about a week before.  There was no acid in the dye, only alginate to thicken it.  This is the finished fabric.

Results of my recent experiments ~ You can process acid dyes by the same methods you would use for fiber reactive dyes, by using protein fibers including silk and an acid fixative.  Those are:

  • add fixer (acid in this case) to an immersion dyebath
  • add acid directly to the dye for printing and painting
  • presoak the fabric in an acid solution for printing and painting

After weeks and weeks of sunshine and cold, we have our first big storm of the season moving in tonight.  Lots of rain and wind, and a projected rise in the Eel River to near flood stage.  I've been asking for rain, now here it comes.  Just goes to show how powerful prayer can be!


Jeannie said...

Beautiful results, Connie. I love the way the circles seem to float above the grid. I am waiting for the storm to hit here as well. It is blowing dust right now, so some rain/snow would be good. Keep warm and stay safe.

Emma said...

Wonderful, love those circles! Great pieces below, too.

Irene said...

You should always be caredul what you so fervently wish for. It seems the Higher Being listens to some of us especially well :o) Keep your feet dry.

Unknown said...

A beautiful piece of silk, Connie, and thanks for sharing the info from your research. -sus

Els said...

I lóve this printed piece Connie !
Hope the river stays in it's own "bed"
(... a bit like the sorcerer's apprentice ???)

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