Friday, September 30, 2011

Seasonal Pursuits

This is my growing stack of botanically printed and dyed fabrics, most of it anyway.  I have a few pieces in play, waiting to become finished work, i.e. handstitched quilts.  Not sure yet whether the middle layer will be extra thin batting or another piece of fabric.  I'm still fooling around with that especially regarding bigger work.

And this is my basket of handstitching threads to compliment the fabrics.

I'm onto a third knitting project.  This one is in straight stockinette stitch meant to curl.  The yarn is a handspun black merino with bits of silk noil.  This was commercially prepared top I got from Ashland Bay eons ago.  It's one of those yarns that show off best in stockinette stitch.

Easy knitting has become the new spinning for me.  I used to spin everyday, my wheel was always at the ready and I always had a project going.  I'd spin for at least an hour each morning, rather like a meditation.  It helped me center myself for the day.  And I'd sit down to spin whenever I was between other projects, or while waiting for something to cook on the stove, or any other time I had a few minutes to spare.

Knitting is fulfilling the same function for me now.  A good place to start the day, something I can pick up for a few minutes here and there (or even for hours outside), a few rows before going to sleep.

Yesterday felt like the hottest day of the year here ( probably about 80 degrees), I had both fans running all day.  There's rain in the forecast for this weekend and into next week.  Here comes autumn.  Have a great weekend!


Sweetpea said...

Hi Connie ~ am enjoying your exploits into botanical cloth. Haven't ventured much into that realm myself but I do find great inspiration there. Going to pop over to your Etsy now to see your creations! oh and fyi, when I click on the Surface Design link on the left it goes to a Zazzle website instead.

Best of stitching to you!

Connie Rose said...

Thanks Christi! Also for the link fyi -- it's been fixed!

Els said...

Woooooow!!! That stack of fabrics! I envy you!
Thinking about aaaaaaall the wonderful thing you can make of that!
(will be off to the Stitch'nBitch with daughter tomorrow again :-) .... nicests weather for a week already, since a long rainy time)

Nora said...

The thing is that I know I could be knitting like you and enjoying it. I just need to get my act together. I love the yarn you're knitting with. And wow, you have such a stack of eco-dyed fabrics! I didn't realize you had done so much already. How exciting. Can't wait to see what you'll do with the ones you pulled out. XOX

Jeff Hardy said...
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frazzledsugarplummum said...

Gorgeous threads to go with that stack. I used to crotchet for meditation/stress. Gee I got a lot done. Looking forward to seeing your next creations.