Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Every picture tells a story...

This is a piece of silk shantung that I eco dyed on Sunday.  It's the bundle on the far right in the photo below.  I probably should have let it sit for a few more days because the oak leaf prints aren't that great.  Still, it's a wonderful piece of eco dyed fabric that will get used eventually.  The rest of the bundles are damp, in a plastic bag outside, waiting until I can't stand it any longer and have to open them.

This is a cotton doily that I eco dyed.  It had been premordanted in alum, making the original leaf print very yellow.  So I threw it in the tanoak pot on Sunday, then on Monday wrapped it around a piece of rusty iron.  

And lastly, silk yarn that I recycled this week from a small handwoven piece.  The silk is that heavy sari silk, which I had just one white skein of and wove up a couple years ago.  I'd dyed it twice but the fabric was really too heavy for me to do anything on Monday I ripped out the hand hemstitching and unraveled the woven piece.  Made a new skein, washed and dried it, and now I'll knit up a narrow scarf of some type to wear this winter.

End of story.


Els said...

Lovely silk! And you know what: that second photo is júst like one of your collages !!!! (So trained is your eye!)
That skein: yummieeeee (might be just great for a "braided scarf", easy on "Ravelry" !)

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Awesome adventures.