Sunday, September 25, 2011

Art Camp

It's amazing how much art you can get done when you commit to spending less time online.  Which is exactly what I'm doing now.  So it feels as though I've been away at art camp.  And as soon as I finish up some business here, I'm headed back to camp!

So ~ this little beauty is my first finished and available-for-sale eco fragment.  Details in the Textile Shop.

The fabric below is a recently eco dyed raw silk jacquard cloth printed with rose leaves and rust.

That skein of hand dyed silk yarn I showed you a week or so ago resulted in the first scarf below.  I hadn't knit in a long time, it's one of those activities that makes my hands ache.

But I really enjoyed the process, sitting outside in the sun, catching the breeze, knitting.  Lovely.  So I started on the second scarf below, and I'm retraining my right hand to throw the yarn differently so my hand is more relaxed.  It's working, and I'm enjoying making this scarf as well.  The black & white yarn is a 2-ply silk that I spun a few years ago, one of my many experiments ~ one ply of carded silk noil fiber into which I hand carded bits of a black and silver nylon novelty knitting yarn, and the other ply is an extremely fine bombyx silk.  Spinning thousands of yards of that stuff for too many years is what finally did my hands in and caused me to ultimately give up spinning.

Anyhoo, I'm back into basic and simple these days, as much as possible.  Part of my continuing personal downsize, I guess.  It used to be nearly impossible for me to simply sit down and knit something and enjoy the was more about finding the right pattern or lace stitch or trying out numerous yarns until I found the right one/s to make whatever I wanted to make.  Now I just want to knit and enjoy the process.

I don't like garter stitch garments, and with straight stockinette stitch the work curls.  Both these scarves are in simple 4x4 seed stitch.  Perfect solution.

And getting back to simple and basic...  A couple of days offline this week convinced me to drop Facebook.  Not only had it become a huge drain on my time despite the fact that I was pretty discriminating about what I chose to follow, but I was finally able to see FB for what it truly is ~ just another corporation that's holding close to a billion people hostage to its whims.  And the truth is, I don't like crowds.

Happy day!


TALL GIRL said... are an inspiration! Every single year my list of art goals includes the same line...less computer time! I am better than last year but still so much room for improvement...

Meg said...

I LOVE the top piece!!!!!

Jeannie said...

Connie, you "eco dyed" fabrics are beautiful. I especially like the rose leaves and the scarfs are gorgeous. I am having the same feelings about Facebook. I liked it in the beginning, but now I feel manipulated by a corporation that has no regards for its customers. Rest assured that I will be checking in here to see your beautiful art.

Irene said...

I love the white and black scarf. I like your knitting technique. I'll try to remember it for future reference. You know how I feel about Facebook. Blagh!

Judy said...

Yup: the rose leaves are awesome!!
Bravo for you: less time online and no FB!!! I have a love/hate relationship with FB. Right now I'm loving it, but normally it's the opposite.
Have you tried continental knitting? You don't have to throw and it really isn't that difficult to learn. I had to learn last year when I began two strand knitting, and when I realized how easy it was, I never went back to the throwing. You can find excellent tutes on YouTube. If you need more help, please email me. I love to knit (or is it live to knit?), so I'd love to help you get back into it. Obviously you are a great spinner.

Warm Hugs!


Lorraine said...

All have turned out beautifully Connie!

Sandra Rude said...

Love those eco prints! And ditto the shift in opinion about Facebook. Their recent changes hid some user functionality and they never bothered to say where they moved those utilities to - typical non-customer-oriented behavior.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Very much like the eco print and the texture in the knitting. Have also been spending less time on the net as I try to get stuff done around the house.