Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cold Bundling

I couldn't wait any longer to unwrap a cold bundle of eco dyed was sitting for nearly a month and I just opened it.

The top image is a piece of silk chiffon that had crocosmia flowers, stems and leaves wrapped inside, along with an old rusty tube.  That was wrapped with an old linen hankie, photo below.

Mostly what you see are rust prints, the plant prints are much lighter.  And I took the tube out of the bundle after a week because I knew it would eat right through the fabric -- in fact, it did on the linen piece.

I'm steaming new hot bundles today with cellulose fabrics that have now been premordanted four or five times (the fifth soak being alum) ~ also some small swatches of raw silk and kimono silk.  These packets will wait for a week before I unbundle them. 

Gotta go gather more plant material!


Els said...

Wow the dark blue on the rust looks quite dramatic Connie! Will the rust continue to "eat" through your fabric ?? That wouldn't be very nice. Can it be stopped?
I am very intersted in your "fiberactions "challenge"....

Anonymous said...


Katie said...

This is so interesting and beautiful!