Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Glitz & Glam

More printing yesterday.

This first piece is raw silk -- it started out as a mauve garment I got at the thrift store and cut into pieces.  It was dyed and/or discharged a couple times.  Yesterday I printed off a screen with a masking tape design on it. 
This is an old linen napkin or piece of tablecloth that I dye printed with turquoise and orange, a couple years ago.  Hit it yesterday with teal, orange and rust paint.

Small scrap of one of my favorite deconstructed screen prints, now embellished with metallic.

Commercial black raw silk from Dharma, which I've found nearly impossible to discharge.  The navy dots and stripes in the background were from a discharge attempt earlier this year.  I used the same patterns yesterday -- dots on stripes and stripes on dots -- with paint.

A scrap of dyed cotton.  I'd already printed this with something else, which is now on the back, but didn't like it.  So I printed the other side yesterday.  That's one of the benefits of using paint -- if you don't like the results, turn the fabric over and have another go.

Another scrap, the edge of something I dyed eons ago...and now usable.

Have a great day!


Sandra Rude said...

Another beautiful group of fabrics!

Gerrie said...

Love all of these!

Jan said...

I really like every single one of these--it looks like you are having fun!

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Those are awesome! especially no. 3 and 4.

artymess said...

great dyed pieces ...thanks for sharing ..x

Bonnie said...

I decided to take a moment to catch up with some of my favorite blogs---so glad I did. A great big WOW for the work that you are doing!

Rayna said...

Of course I am partial to the deconstructed piece but as always, you have made magic with your layers and they are all splendid!