Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Studio Scene

Today and for the foreseeable future, I'm sewing beads on a newly created quilted art cloth piece.  I really enjoy the Zen of sewing beads on a quilt.  It's definitely good meditation time...also an excellent opportunity to work out details of other pieces and projects.

It's hardly stopped raining for the past week ~ although it looks like there's sun in the forecast this week with temperatures gradually increasing into the mid-60s.  Wow, spring!  I'm ready for it!

What with the lousy weather, the economy, and who knows else, not enough people registered to take the Introduction to Shibori Workshop at Origin Design Lab in Eureka, this weekend.  Instead, though, I'll be teaching one or two people at a time in my studio, in the very near future.  A dear friend suggested this to me last year -- providing one-on-one individualized instruction in surface design techniques in my studio -- and it looks like the idea is coming to fruition.  It's so hard to get a group of people together these days, in my neck of the woods with a pretty limited market.  But teaching in my studio, on demand as it were, looks like it might be the way to go.

If you would be interested in learning any of the surface design techniques listed on the Workshops Page here on the blog, one-on-one with me in my studio, all tools and materials provided except fabric...if you'd like to visit usually-sunny Fortuna in beautiful Humboldt County and spend a weekend playing and experimenting with fabric, dyes, etc...definitely let me know!


Gerrie said...

I have been wondering about you. I heard there was a lot of rain in your area. I think working one on one or two is a great idea.

susan christensen said...

I hope you get your sunshine - the idea of working with individual students is a good one - I would love to come play IF I were closer. (I've been beading myself lately , very relaxing).

Judy said...

We are having rain too - I feel like I must be in Oregon or somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. It's a chilly 40 here this morning. BRRRRR! What happened to Spring?


frazzledsugarplummum said...

Kitties and I love beading days too. I like the sound of the one on one training at your studio. All the best with those.

Jan said...

I can attest that working and learning with Connie at Rose Cottage is SO MUCH FUN! We had a fabulous time together last summer. The drive from the Bay Area is lovely, too. Go for it--you won't be sorry!