Saturday, December 11, 2010

Design Frenzy

I got going on a couple of back-burner projects this week.  The first -- not as back-burner as gotta-pull-something-out-of-the-bag -- is Fiberactions' "environment" themed quilt, due January 15.  For weeks nothing has grabbed my imagination with this word, but finally something clicked.  So because I want to use for that piece some of my handmade fabrics that have been earmarked for two other quilts, I've moved forward on the two other quilts to I know what fabric I have left for "environment."  Whatever gets you moving!

The two quilts just mentioned are part of a 4-quilt series that I've talked about a couple times over the last few months.  I decided I want to have them ready for my show at Curley's Grill in Fortuna, April & May 2011.  Two of the four came together months ago -- I just need to take all the steps necessary to get the fabric to be a quilt...but the designs are good to go.  The other two, the ones I'm working on this weekend, have taken a lot more effort to meet my own requirements.  Just finished off on the design on one this morning -- will get to the other one later today. 

I'm quite keen on listening to myself, my own critique, my own judgment when I'm designing.  I recognize those moments when I want to go with what I've got just to get it done, enough so to put something on the shelf for a few days, keep looking at it and trying different fabrics and/or arrangements, and then coming back a while later to redesign the whole thing before I get what I really like.  It's a process I'm developing more trust in as I age.

If you're a knitter or crocheter, or interested in handspun yarn to weave with, check out the yarns I've listed at my Etsy Shop this week.  A couple of enormous cartons of handspun yarn have boiled down to only these remaining skeins now available at Etsy. 

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend.


Jan said...

You go, girl! As if you need any encouragement...

Irene said...

I love the collage at the top, there's something about the arrangement that's just perfect. I'm glad you're following your instincts when it comes to making decisions about your own art. I think it's very good to let those be your guide. It's got to all come down to a gut feeling. That's where your talent lies. It's a basic instinct that you were born with and developed further as you grew as an artist. You should trust it. You must trust it, there is no should or ought to.

Unknown said...

You have created a very surreal space. Unsettling but interesting.

Emma said...

Thanks, I will! Wonderful shapes emerging, here.

Can't believe I let my sub run out on QA & really look forward to seeing you in there when I get it over Christmas ;)